Welcome to Creusa Kennels

Creusa Kennels is a well established modern kennels and cattery with a licensed capacity for 76 dogs and 46 cats, situated in the heart of Cornwall just off the A30 between Bodmin and St Austell. 

The facilities at Creusa Kennels and Cattery have been specifically designed to offer your pet as comfortable and stress free stay as possible. 

  • Health Insurance Policy - All animals are covered by our health insurance policy whilst they stay with us so there will be No Veterinary Bills for you to pay should your pet require veterinary attention whilst under our care. (Insurance excludes pre-existing conditions.) 
  • Dog's Bedrooms - These are spacious, clean and heated. Special care is taken to make our dogs as comfortable as possible. Raised Coolaroo Hammocks provide warm and comfortable beds. Old or large dogs bedrooms have non slip mats to prevent slipping and injury. Stimulating toys can be provided to enrich their stay experience.
  • Covered outdoor runsEach bedroom has its own covered outdoor run.
  • Large Grassed Play Areas  These allow dogs to spend time with our dedicated and caring staff whilst off the lead allowing better interaction and more freedom for dogs to play and burn energy. 
  • Grooming Suite - We have a modern top of the range grooming suite to bathe and groom pets whilst they stay at Creusa.
  • Cattery Cabins - Multilevel cabins allow cats to relax at height and observe their surroundings. Large spacious heated Indoor cat units provide a quiet sanctuary for cats who are used to their creature comforts. Individual units which include a multi-level wooden bedroom area and secure outdoor run with observation shelf for cats who are used to having outdoor space.
  • Lots of Exercise - Our total site is 4 acres with lots of space for dogs to run around in, play is an important part of our daily routine.
  • Qualified and Experienced Staff - Our staff are highly qualified with diplomas in animal husbandry and animal first aid with a lot of experience, having been in the kennel industry for a number of years.




We offer all this experience to care for your beloved Dog. Our kennels offer:

  • Large heated kennels for your dogs, each with an
    outside covered individual run.
  • Daily interactive play and exercise with our team of carers.
  • Menu of choice; top quality branded foods and with additional option of a gourmet menu.
  • Lots of love and playtime – we are the experts at tug ’o’ war, catch and fetch.
  • Grooming of dogs on request. We are stockists of the Pet Head product range.


Cats have a choice of indoor or outdoor accommodation including:

  • Large indoor units, each with 3 levels and their own window to watch the world go by.
  • A range of Cabins each with an Outdoor run covered from the weather.
  • Menu of choice; top quality foods stocked.
  • Plenty of cuddles and love from our dedicated staff.


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