online booking

Existing and pre-registered* customers can book online here. Choose which pets you want to book, what facilities and dates and add extra information. We'll send you an email confirmation. We are happy to take telephone bookings if you prefer.

*Note: If you are new to Creusa you are welcome to look around our facilities before making a booking. When you visit we can take down your details and 'pre-register' you so that when you are ready to book you can use this easy online facility. Or you are welcome to call us to pre-register at any time.

If you've not yet visited, please book a tour.

Please ensure your pet is vaccinated according to our policies, this is to protect their welfare and that of our other guests.

Please also be aware of our cancellation policy.

Use our price checker to estimate the total cost of your pet's stay with us.

Please note, you must have a log in issued by us to use this service.

If the above form doesn't work (we are noticing issues on Safari for example) please go here instead to make your booking.

Complete price list

Pets cannot be dropped off before 10am unless you have made an arrangement with us for an early drop-off (charges apply).

Check out is between 9 and 10am. If you check out after 10am we will have to charge you for the full day.

Prices are the same for an overnight stay, day care or B&B.


Small £14.75
Medium £15.25
Large/giant £15.75
Oversized suite £16.25
Luxury suite £18.00


Single (indoor/outdoor) £11.90
Double indoor (2 cats sharing) £19.10
Treble indoor (3 cats sharing) £28.45


Dogs from £10.00
Cats from £5.00
Nail clipping £5.00

All prices include VAT at 20%.

A collection and delivery service is available at £1/mile, please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to add this service.

Please note we charge double for Christmas Day for both dogs and cats. To book over Christmas you must book for a minimum of five nights and we will require a 50% deposit by 1 December to secure your booking.